“This is a hidden gem of a school. My oldest daughter has been attending for the past 2 years and my second will be attending in the fall. The children receive loving attention in a well-structured classroom from excellent educators, and they thrive.

Ms. Mahin and the rest of the teachers and staff are simply outstanding. Their professionalism, dedication, and focus to each individual child are the core reasons for their success.

But the greatest indication of North Hill Montessori’s success is both how much my daughter loves it and how much she has grown, socially, intellectually, artistically, and emotionally since attending.”

Nika & Pedram


“We are sorry that we are leaving – ultimately my husband and I decided that two drop-offs and pick-ups each day would just be too much. We wish that we had found your school sooner, so that the boys could have been there all along.

Both you and your staff have been wonderful and the boys have learned so much during their time there. We cannot speak highly enough of North Hill Montessori school and staff and have recommended it to several of our friends in the area who have little ones who will be going into school or daycare in the next few years.

Emmett’s speech has improved so much and his knowledge of numbers, colors, shapes and concepts has expanded so much in his time with your school. Liam is showing real skills with his math and reading. I can’t believe that he is working on multiplication already! I can only hope that their next school is half as good as yours has been.”

Dana Kelly & Brad Mc Kay, parents of Liam & Emmet Kelly-Mc Kay



“Dear Mrs. Mahin,
I can not describe how happy I am to have my daughter Alexandra in North Hill Montessori School.

Dedicated staff and the strong, clear, vision of the principal have led our daughter to educational success such as multiplication, division, fractions, reading and writing in both English and French after completing 3 years in the program, which I recommend the most. In addition, I can say that behavioural skills like leadership, concentration, responsibility and other interpersonal skills were taught with tremendous success.
Thank you.”

Anna and George Shuklin



“Dear Ms. Sakina and Ms. Simin,
I wish I’d had a chance to say a proper thank you in person to you for being such fantastic teachers. We are so happy that Austin is enjoying school and his classes. You helped him become organized, motivated, and interested in learning. We wish he will be encouraged to participate in more activities in order to build strong confidence in front of people.

Thank you for all the hard work, support and encouragement that you have given our son during his 2 years in this group.


Hong Zhang and Xin Shan


“Thank you for all your valuable work this year. Noora loves school and you, and it makes my husband and I be “Happy”.

You helped her get organized, improved her communication skills, developed her positive behaviour, and motivated and interested her in learning, which is fantastic.”

Mahnaz and Barzin Mohammadi




“We are so proud of Amira’s achievements. Thank you so much for taking care of her.”

Yan & Qiang Luo – Dec 2014





“We would like to thank you for your care and attention towards Lillia. We are very happy with the progress she has made and the variety of knowledge she has obtained in these past few months.”

 Lillia loves the school and speaks highly of teachers and classmates.

Lillia’s parents   – Dec 2014



“North Hill Montessori School provides a friendly and educational environment for kids to enjoy their daily activities and grow with purpose. The indoor class is clean and bright and the outdoor area is large and beautiful. The teachers work patiently with the children to help them develop their skills and create beautiful hand crafts. Additionally, with many years experience, Ms. Mahin ensures seamless operation and continuous improvement of the school.

I have seen how my son, Dion, has learned new skills and developed his abilities in different area such as painting, drawing, working with tools, talking and listening by going to school every day.”

Laila Torabansari


We are very satisfied with North Hill Montessori School and would highly recommend it to others. Our son, Tyler, was just over 2.5 years old when we signed him up in the fall of 2011. Although difficult to part from our child, we felt that the Montessori School would provide an excellent opportunity for him to socialize, explore and learn at his own pace. The staff at North Hill Montessori School are all so warm and caring that it really put us at ease. We can see that they take such good care of our son.

The real testimonial is that Tyler enjoys going to the school every day, so we know that he has fun and enjoys it. We are so delighted that he is so happy and healthy.

Ms. Mahin is a highlight of the school. She is a very dedicated and professional care giver. She is the kind of person that you are willing to have care for your precious child. Ms. Mahin is always proactive with parent-teacher communications, keeping us informed of activities and events. She is also very easy to get a hold of and is always willing to take the time to talk to us. We have had a very good experience at this School and look forward to our son’s continued enrollment.

Florence and Bruce


I am so glad that I finally found the right and best school for my loved one.

I have tried 3 different Montessori schools but not all are the same. Since she is going to the North Hill Montessori school, I am not worried about her while I am at work as I am sure that she is well cared and learning and improving a lot in a safe and nice environment.

Whenever she goes to school she is as happy as I am. I wish I knew about this school earlier. I could not trust this school more.
Thanks to the wonderful staffs. Of course without a great principal, it could never happen. Mrs. Mahin, I am sure your efforts are appreciated by those parents and students that have experienced being part of your school ! All the best to all of you.

Afsaneh, Diana Firoozian’s mother


North Hill Montessori School combines academic rigor with a personalized learning environment and a lot of fun. The staff is top-notch, the location is just ideal.

Our son loves this school and can’t wait to come back after every weekend – same thing can not be said about his public school. He used to be a bit of a problem child, but has made so much progress here that his public school teacher was pleasantly surprised and told us about it a couple of times.

My son has also developed solid academic skills in reading, writing and math that he’ll probably be ahead of many of his classmates in Grade One. We highly recommend North Hill Montessori School to any pre-school kids.

Parents of Oliver Ren


“We are very pleased with Austin’s improvement. Thank you so much for the fantastic job, your care and support by all staffs. Austin loves school and runs to school everyday.

We will never regret about the decision we made to send him to North Hill Montessori.

Great job, thanks again.”

Nicole & Kevin Zhang – Dec 2014


“Everyday Tiam talks about the subjects he has learned in the classroom and shows lots of interest to what he has been taught. He really loves his school and teachers.  Thanks for all of your work and effort.  “

Kathy & Mehdi – Dec 2014




This September will be the third year our son, Kian , attends North Hill Montessori School.
We are extremely happy with the quality of education and the care our child received. Kian loved going to school every day enjoying a great social life and making many friends.

The staff are dedicated to their students on all levels: academically, socially and emotionally.

Without a dout we credit the Montessori method and philosophy being performed properly by the school, for giving our son a strong foundation.
Needless to say, when the time comes for our daughter to start school, North Hill Montessori will be our only choice.

Sanaz & Alireza Rafizadeh


North Hill has played a key role in enabling Andrew G. adapt to a school environment. His language skills have grown and he shows a lot of promise to improve. He can sound all letters and vowels…I am so proud of him. His teachers have been phenomenal and a big thumbs up to all.



“My son has been the North Hill Montessori since January 2010. I am very happy with the education and care that he received at the School. Not only did he learn new things, he has developed independence and responsibility, and enjoyed every moment of it. The school and its teachers offered him the opportunity to learn at his own pace, discovering more about himself and the world around him each day.

Moving him to the North Hill Montessori, from a daycare setting, was the best choice we could have made for him.

Thanks and regards,



We visited a number of schools before choosing North Hill Montessori for our daughter
Gretel. We decided on North Hill MS because we felt they had a personal and nurturing touch. We have not been disappointed. The teachers give children a sense of security, so they could start their learning in a warm, nurturing environment.

I love the freedom they have to grow and develop in their own unique ways and I love how the environment in a classroom fosters their ability to be independent and capable. It has been wonderful to experience their joy of learning.

Our daughter made many friends through her first year at school. We’ve been lucky to meet other parents at events within and outside the school
I would highly recommend the school for anyone who would like the best for their children.

Gretel Ushkov


We moved to Richmond Hill late fall in 2011 and visited many Montessori schools in our area before choosing North Hill Montessori for our child. Our only regret is not starting him earlier at North Hill Montessori. North Hill Montessori provides a safe, clean, nurturing environment that follows an authentic Montessori approach to learning. We feel completely secure when we drop him off each day that he will learn something and that he will have the best care.

We are impressed with the academic and social development of our child in the short period he has been at the school. This is a testament to the dedication shown by North Hill Montessori School directors and teachers to work with each child under their care. They have done a great job to educate our son and continue to encourage our son.

North Hill Montessori School also provides a variety after school program such as arts/crafts lessons, singing/dancing classes and stretch and grow fitness training for a nominal fee which we find very useful.
We are very fortunate that our son grows with the best teacher’s care in the big class room and beautiful playground at the North Hill Montessori School.

Nesam and Bala, Cheran’s Parents