Our toddler Program offers children a natural extension of the home environment. The purpose of the toddler community is to create a safe environment and the opportunity to develop independence, concentration, and self-esteem. The natural ability of the child to learn is cultivated with a consistent routine within a secure and orderly setting.


Teachers carry a gentle, thoughtful, and intelligent behavior, which encourages similar socialization skills in the children. Together, Montessori trained teachers and RECE’s provide developmentally appropriate, self-correcting and multi-sensorial materials and activities enhancing each child’s physical, emotional, social, artistic and cognitive development. The toddler program provides indoor and outdoor activities, which encourage movement, language enrichment and independence, which prepares the child for the Casa Montessori Program

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”
(Maria Montessori)

The Classroom

The toddlers classroom is spacious, well designed area where toddlers are free to explore the environment with all their senses. Everything in the classroom is toddler-sized. Attractive learning materials are displayed on low shelves within easy reach for toddlers. They also take pride in sorting, stacking, counting, sequencing, pouring, cleaning and sweeping. Toddlers are free to choose their “work,” and work becomes a cherished activity.