When Randi Chapnik Myers of Toronto wants her three kids, 10 to 16, to come for dinner, she resorts to sending texts or Facebook messages. Often, they are no farther than their own bedrooms, logged onto their laptops. “What’s happening is they’re having 40 conversations at once on Facebook, they’re posting things on Tumblr, they’re.. read more →

Clifford Orwin Published Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012 02:00AM EDT Last updated Friday, Aug. 17, 2012 06:36PM EDT You hear a lot of talk about how universities and teachers are expensive dinosaurs and how the future of teaching lies online. Don’t believe a word of it. The classroom experience – live – remains the heart of.. read more →

By MARGARET WENTE IQ isn’t the key. Nor is affluence. What really matters? The sheer grit to fall down, often, and get back up again How much influence do parents really have on their children’s success in life? My own view has always been: far less than they think, and far less than the experts.. read more →

Young children who are able to pay attention and persist with a task have a 50 percent greater chance of completing college, according to a new study at Oregon State University. Tracking a group of 430 preschool-age children, the study gives compelling evidence that social and behavioral skills, such as paying attention, following directions and.. read more →

“I think that’s what most universities are looking for: more enthusiasm toward the things that are great in life,” the 15-year-old said. “Academics will take you further than sports will because not many people can have a career being a professional football player.” The increased interest in summer school has come with a hefty price.. read more →

Playtime: It’s complicated. Rules of engagement are squishing the joy out of childhood. Don’t jump here, don’t dangle there. Mind your head, watch your feet. No running. No daring. No minuscule risk that might cause an owie — and potentially a lawsuit. Safety management has become the thou-shall-not mantra in an age of over-weaning kid-minding… read more →